How to create a memorable movie experience

Step into the action with a unique film night for family and friends

How to create a memorable movie experience

Experiences are the new must-have item – just ask any millennial and they’re sure to list off a ream of places they want to go and things they want to do. It’s no longer about owning the next sports car or big TV, but creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Cinema is one of the most exciting places where this is happening. Films are no longer restricted to multiplexes - outdoor cinema burst open the door and brought people together to watch their favourite movies on boats, under railway arches and in parks.  But it hasn’t ended there - innovative entertainment companies such as Secret Cinema are creating immersive events in London, America and Australia, where they bring the film to life with actors, sets and music to transport you into the film itself.

While experiences may have become the must-do item, that’s not to say that they’re easy to come by or even cheap. Whether you’ve missed out on a sought-after ticket or are looking to create a more budget-friendly event, why not create an interactive cinema experience that will let your family and friends step into the action.

Here’s our guide to bringing your movie night to life and creating a memorable experience.

Pick the right movie

This isn’t just any movie night – this night is all about entertaining your family and friends so think about what film is going to capture the imagination of your guests. If you’re worried about what to pick, take inspiration from other outdoor cinema events – they’ll have picked iconic or family favourites such as Back to the Future, Grease or Casablanca. Don’t forget to consider whether it’s age appropriate or if there’s any scenes that you might be squeamish about watching with certain people. 

Do the film justice

A small screen is not going to cut it when you’re on a mission to wow friends and family.  Let the film be unleashed in all of its glory with a super-sized 300 inch display. With a projector you can create a really huge display at the fraction of the cost of a large TV, plus you can scale the screen size down at the touch of a button for everyday use. And there’s no need to worry about ambient light – Epson’s projectors can be used in daylight thanks to their equally high white and Colour Light Output that ensures images are bright and vivid.

All of the senses

Take inspiration from your chosen movie and turn the whole space into a themed night by targeting all of the senses. Welcome your guests with music playing to instantly transport them to the world of your movie. Get them in the mood with ABBA for a Mamma Mia night or some jazz as a precursor to a screening of Chicago. Next up, tickle those taste buds with drinks and snacks inspired by the movie with cocktails for Great Gatsby or sweet treats for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory night. 

A location to match

While it’s unlikely that you’re going to recreate a whole set, you can be clever about where you locate your movie night to set the right tone.  For instance, an attic or basement could be dressed to create an edgy setting for Frankenstein.  That’s the beauty of using a projector –  mobile models can be moved from location-to-location making it possible to screen films in unusual settings.

Share the moment

No exciting experience would be complete without sharing it online. Get started ahead of the event with teasers to entice your guests – from pictures of your props to clips of your favourite scenes. At the event itself set up an area for photos to be taken with a themed backdrop and props, ready for sharing on your favourite social platform.

Sit back and relax

Comfort is king when it comes to creating the perfect set up for a movie night. Get a head count prior to the event so that you can provide ample seating and check it will be comfortable for the duration. Bean bags or generous scatter cushions can make a great seating option and can be stored away when not in use, plus don’t forget the weather – be sure to provide blankets if it’s chilly.

Whichever film you choose, we hope you have a really fun time with your family and friends. Share pictures of your event with the hashtag #stepintotheaction to inspire others.

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