Is it time to rethink Valentine’s Day?

Spread the feel-good-factor with acts of kindness this Valentine’s Day

Is it time to rethink Valentine’s Day?

Depending on who you ask and where you look, the origin of Valentine’s Day can vary greatly. But wherever it’s believed to have come from around the world, it is generally seen as a celebration of love. Anyone on the receiving end of a big bunch of flowers, box of chocolates or a special homemade dinner is sure to be a big fan of the occasion, but unfortunately it can leave others feeling left out. So instead of focusing romantically on just one person, let’s show kindness to family, friends, neighbours and even strangers to multiply the feel-good-factor. With a little imagination, the spirit behind Valentine’s Day can be reimagined to spread joy to everyone. We’ve come up with some ideas that you can do with your kids:

1. Let’s show our appreciation

Thank you. It’s something we say every day, but why not use a Valentine’s Day card to say it in a more memorable way? Kids can get involved too, whether it’s praising their uncle’s amazing roast dinners or thanking their granny for taking them to the park. Try our free printable Valentine’s Day cards in Kids’ Corner.

2. Look around

If you feel that actions speak louder than words, chat with your kids about the things they can do to help other people. They could help make dinner, take the bins out for an elderly neighbour or go out litter picking in the community. They could even give vouchers for these actions that people can redeem throughout the year. Find free printable vouchers in Kids’ Corner.

3. Make better use of your phone

Is there anything nicer than getting a call from a loved one? Why not get your kids to choose someone to call and wish them well on Valentine’s Day? Alternatively, think about how you can give yourself and your smartphone a rest so that you can really give someone your complete attention and be present in the moment.

4. Random acts of kindness

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that can make a real positive difference to another person. It’s why random acts of kindness (RAOK), such as letting someone in front of you in a queue, helping someone with a heavy suitcase at a busy train station or paying for your coffee and the next person’s, has become such a phenomenon. Use Valentine’s Day as a focal point to inspire your kids to be more thoughtful every day, from giving away their last sweet to letting an elderly person take their seat.

5. Bring people together

Ramp up the feel-good-factor by hosting an afternoon tea party to bring everyone together. Get in the spirit by decorating biscuits and deck your home out with bunting. It doesn’t just have to be friends and family, consider inviting an elderly neighbour to brighten their day. There’s free printable bunting available in Kids’ Corner.

Check out our range of free printable themed cards, vouchers and festive bunting to help you with Valentine’s day celebrations in   Kids’ Corner   . It’s full of free colouring-in printables, activity sheets, scrapbooking ideas and customisable celebration cards.

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