Epson Projectors Make Classes At Aš Grammar School More Engaging

Teaching is better with Epson EB-695wi and EB-U32 projectors

The eight-year Aš Grammar School (Gymnázium Aš) is one of the best high schools in the region and is currently attended by 220 students. The quality of teaching is supported by modern classroom equipment that meets today’s high demands. Now the classrooms will be equipped with Epson projectors that best meet the school's needs.

All Excited About the Quality Of The New Projectors

The school is new to using Epson projectors, even though the school had used other brands of projectors before. “Unfortunately, our previous equipment was no longer in good condition so we announced a tender for new projectors, which Epson won. We have only been using the projectors for a month, but I have to conclude that the image quality is very high and we are very satisfied,” stated Petr Jelínek, the headmaster of Aš Grammar School. He added that he appreciated the sharp image, low noise, ease of use and last, but not least, long lamp life, which is up to 10,000 hours in Eco mode and guarantees a longer projection time.

Modern Technology To Enhance Teaching

Over the past decade we have witnessed a departure from classical teaching aids towards modern technologies such as projectors, interactive whiteboards, audiovisual equipment, etc. The Aš Grammar School uses the projectors in the physics, geography, math and three language classrooms and also in the chemistry classroom, which can be used as a small auditorium. The choice of classrooms to be equipped with the projectors was limited by the IROP grant rules.

“Our teachers and students use the projectors for presentations, but also as interactive whiteboards, which are most often used for language classes. For students, interactive lessons are far more interesting and engaging than lessons in a classroom with a traditional blackboard, making language learning more popular than ever. Teachers may decide to play audio or video recordings of interviews or short scenes during lessons. With iProjection, the projector can easily be connected to all kinds of smart devices to display any other supplementary content on the screen. Teaching in these classrooms opens up brand new possibilities expanding the students' horizons and improving their skills and knowledge,” explained Petr Jelínek, the school headmaster. He hopes to have more projectors soon, making more subjects attractive to students.

Gymnázium Aš, a state-funded organization

Gymnázium Aš is an eight-year grammar school based in the town of Aš. The school is attended by almost 220 students who complete their education with a school-leaving examination. The headmaster is Petr Jelínek. The grammar school curriculum focuses on general education. The school has made foreign languages its priority and offers several extracurricular educational activities.