Bacania Veche chooses the C3500 for on-demand labelling

ColorWorks C3500 meets a small business' labelling needs

Bacania Veche chooses the C3500 for on-demand labelling

Bacania Veche's labelling experience started out with handwritten labels. Today, it sells over 1,000 products and uses Epson's ColorWorks C3500 to print labels on-demand for them.

Bacania Veche is a small business established by Romanian chef, blogger and TV personality, Marius Tudosiei. The grocery store sells health foods from Tudosiei and other local suppliers. 

Tudosiei was outsourcing the labelling of the products, however, there were some constraints that caused problems: the minimum print runs of 500 labels of each kind, with no possibility of making changes, using only one material and one shape. As a result, Tudosiei was left with a box of 2,000 unused labels, because production was never that high, and often the labels did not fit the jars, or had errors.

Because of increasing labelling needs, the shop equipped itself with Epson's ColorWorks C3500 label printer. The aim was to simplify the labelling process using a dedicated solution adapted to the needs of the small business.

"A short training session taught me how it works and what it can do. Then we started to print all the labels used in our shop with this printer. The cost of a label is now less than 50 bani, the process is quick and the results are excellent.

"We have even started to print labels for our suppliers, for the seasonal products that we order from them, as they can't get decent labels from their printing houses. This is a major asset for an artisan: being able to print 10 labels for the 10 jars or bottles produced on a given day.

"Even the smallest colour details on the label are of the finest quality, and they are waterproof, stain-proof and discoloration-proof thanks to the quick-drying pigment ink.

"The C3500 is compact, requiring very little space. Another advantage, in my opinion, is the glue type. The label can easily be peeled off without leaving any residue on the jar," said Tudosiei.

Besides conventional labels, Marius Tudosiei has also printed seasonal, personalised labels for Christmas packages and baskets for his partners and loyal customers.