Beauty salon chooses TM-T88VI-iHub

Better customer service from a more advanced POS

Beauty salon chooses TM-T88VI-iHub

In her beauty salon, Hautsache, Christine Meißner gives customers a break from the daily grind and is focussed on providing the best possible customer service. This is why she chose the TM-T88VI-iHub for her point of sale (POS) system.

A better customer experience

"By setting up the salon, I wanted to create a place where my customers can switch off from everyday life and focus on themselves. It's often been the case that instead of spending time with my customers, I've spent far too long with Excel tables in the next room," Meißner said.

Compatible with POS systems

This has now changed.

Meißner uses Epson's TM-T88V-iHub from the TM intelligent series together with a cash register app.

The combination of the two systems allows for fast handling of payment processes and with this, better customer service.

The TM-T88VI-iHub printer serves as a platform for tablet-based POS solutions because it supports web applications and also controls all current POS peripheral devices, such as barcode scanners and cash registers.

In addition, the high print speed of up to 300mm/second ensures that the payment process is handled smoothly and customers are served without having to wait.

Epson's ePOS technology enables the control of necessary hardware without expensive driver installation.

Customised receipts

Epson's receipt printer also aids the production of customised receipts with its printing functions for graphics and barcodes, making it easy to create logos and advertising messages.

Each purchase receipt from the salon is therefore printed to a high quality with the company logo on the receipt.

The cash register app makes it easy to add options such as discounts and notes to the purchase slip.

The cash register solution is also intuitive to operate, which guarantees quick access and streamlined sales processes.

After a sale, all data is synchronised with the dashboard: a cloud-based application. There, up to 60 statistics are displayed clearly in real time.

"The dashboard was a huge relief for me because I can now see at a glance which treatment is booked most frequently and which employees contribute to the most sales. I can also see all transactions. This has saved me from some billing errors," says Meißner.