Knoocker use Epson to create interactive walls

Interactive entertainment with the Epson EB-680

Knoocker use Epson to create interactive walls

Epson projectors are used to produce interactive walls that combine physical activity with virtual reality. With the highest image quality, reliability and long operating time, the EB-680 is installed in every Knoocker system.

Knoocker: entertainment redefined

Poznań, Poland-based Knoocker creates interactive walls for use in playrooms and kindergartens. The interactive entertainment platform requires the user to throw a ball at animations displayed on the wall. Combining physical activity with virtual reality, the solution is perfect for entertainment as well as rehabilitation. The basic components of the system include an interactive wall and a projector. The Epson EB-680’s high lens brightness, long lamp life and low price made it the perfect device for Knoocker to use.

Teaching and entertainment

With Knoocker, players can use any ball as a controller. The goal is to hit computer animations appearing on the interactive wall. More than ten people can play simultaneously. To make it possible, Knoocker needed a reliable and affordable projector that would deliver the highest image quality. Short throw was also a requirement. After an in-depth market analysis, they chose the Epson EB-680 as it was the only projector to meet their requirements in terms of both quality and price.

Epson EB-680: ensuring image quality in demanding conditions

Epson EB-680 is a ultra-short-throw projector that produces images with equal White and Colour Light Output (CLO) thanks to the 3LCD technology. With XGA resolution, 3,500 lumens of brightness and a contrast ratio of 14,000:1, the Knoocker system can be installed both indoors and outdoors (under a roof). Regardless of where the device is installed, the image displayed on the interactive wall will always be bright and the colours will be vivid and saturated. Knoocker customers also appreciate the smooth and intuitive operation of the projector.

Reliability and low price

In order to be able to compete with other companies offering similar solutions, Knoocker was looking for a projector that is both affordable and reliable. The EB-680 has an operating time of 10,000 hours in economy mode. Since the interactive walls are marketed both in Poland and in other European countries, the reliability of the device was extremely important – each service repair generates costs and damages the company’s image. Epson’s reliability makes it possible to reduce downtime and the number of repair technician visits. The durability of Epson solutions is also proven by their long warranty period: 5 years for the projector and 5 years for the lamp.

Rehabilitation of children with autism in Wodzisław Śląski

“The Knoocker interactive wall, powered by an Epson projector, encourages children to engage with each other. It offers an interesting environment and a fun way to play, which has a positive impact on their development. The games displayed on the multimedia wall are visually attractive and colourful, which invites children to interact with them. The wall and Epson projector are easy to operate for our staff, so they can focus on their patients without wasting time for unnecessary calibration of the device. Since we’ve had the interactive wall powered by the EB-680 projector, the activities have been more interesting and engaging, which improves the children’s interpersonal skills by allowing them to play together” – said Beata Rączka, educator at the RAFA Non-Public Revalidation and Education Centre for Children and Youth with Autism in Wodzisław Śląski.

Integrator’s comment

“The most important advantage of Epson projectors is that they don’t make our interactive wall too expensive, even though they are one of the core components needed for it to work properly. What’s more, Epson devices are also reliable, limiting the need to send out service technicians to customers. Users also appreciate the long life of the lamp, which provides clear and sharp images for thousands of hours. Another important advantage of the EB-680 is its ease of use and intuitiveness” – said Paweł Wysocki, Sales Manager at Knoocker.

A review by the owner of Yupi Park in Tarnobrzeg

“I’ve been running a children’s playroom for several years. I’ve always wanted Yupi Park to stand out in the children’s entertainment market. We offer our young guests a variety of attractions, especially ones that develop their creativity, engage them in physical activity and encourage interaction with their peers. The Knoocker multimedia wall, supported by the Epson EB-680 projector, has proven to be the ideal choice to help develop my business. The Knoocker is a lot of fun thanks to the large number of available games and the variety of ways in which the wall can be used. The ability to use a ball or toy gun as a controller is an additional advantage. What’s more, with the intuitive projector, I am able to quickly arrange activities for children. The images displayed on the wall are colourful and clear. When children get tired of playing, they can relax watching their favourite show on the Knoocker” – said Agnieszka Dziekan, owner of Yupi Park in Tarnobrzeg.