Foundation of the Hellenic World chooses Epson projectors

Epson breathes life into innovative show 'Stories Of Valour'

Foundation of the Hellenic World chooses Epson projectors

To showcase Greek heritage, the Foundation of the Hellenic World selected Epson to provide its innovative projection solutions for the “Stories of Valour” exhibit on the Hellenic Navy.

Epson’s high-performance projectors

The Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW) is one of the most important non-profit public benefit organisations in Greece.

Its mission is to keep Greece's historical memory and traditions alive and highlight its contribution to the evolution of civilisation.

The FHW continually seeks new methods to allow it to update all of its activities in order to cultivate and maintain public interest in Hellenism.

By incorporating 3D graphics and virtual reality applications it can put on interactive exhibits and productions.

As part of its work, the Foundation is staging an exhibition titled “Stories of Valour” to highlight the history of the Hellenic Navy from the 19th century to the present day.

High-performance projectors for demanding lighting conditions

For the needs of the exhibit, the FHW turned to Epson's advanced projector solutions, for their unsurpassed quality and the reassurance of a global leader in projection technology.

The projectors used to enrich the exhibition were the EB-W29, EB-W16SK, EB-G5450U and EB-G5750WU.

The EB-W29, with its exceptional power packed into a small size, was seamlessly incorporated into the exhibition and met a number of diverse projection needs.

This lightweight, portable 3LCD, high-quality projector offers clear, bright images with vibrant and accurate colours.

Because of this, the EB-W29 was used with great success in the main exhibition gallery to project audio-visual content and supplement the boards showing photographs and information, without getting in the way.

The EB-W16SK projector used for historical and current audio-visual material from the Hellenic Navy is one of Epson’s 3D projectors.

Featuring Epson's innovative 3LCD technology, the EB-W16SK is designed for use with larger audiences, where the cost of the glasses is important, and delivers bright, sharp projections and an equally high white and colour light output.

The ultra-bright EB-G5450U and G5750WU projectors were employed in specially designed exhibition areas.

These models are ideal for large venues as they provide bright, clear results for image sizes of up to 300 inches without the need for a dark space, something not possible in the FHW exhibits.

Excellent performance, based on high technology

The products' projections augmented the physical artefacts and staging of the exhibition, allowing for the use of material that could not be presented any other way and enhancing the overall visual experience.