Josif Pančić primary school making good use of Epson projectors

Using Epson installation projectors in education

Every classroom in Josif Pančić primary school has a computer. Projectors are being used for educational activities more and more making teaching a class easier and more engaging. The school needed a solution that complies with international educational activity standards and provide its pupils with the best learning experience.

Projectors have become part and parcel of every modern classroom

The approach to teaching a class has changed due to technological progress. Devices like projectors are helpful for primary school pupils and teachers alike during lessons. Equipping an entire school with projectors was not a simple task, and the affordable price and quality of Epson installation projectors made them a logical choice. “It was a combination of good quality and good price and that’s the reason we chose Epson,” said Milan Bajić, the headmaster of Josif Pančić primary school. “We use Epson EB-595Wi and EB-695Wi projectors. In practice, they have proved to be better than projectors offered by competitors,” added Milan. “The uniformity of these devices is also very important in an institution like ours, not only for maintenance and training of our staff, but also for the standardised quality of the classroom activities.”

Epson quality for better learning

Since a lot of children attend the classes, the high quality of content legibility is essential. The ease of use is also a very important factor – “The teachers are very satisfied,” concluded the headmaster. The quality offered by Epson has improved our classroom activities. “With Epson projectors the image is clearer and brighter because they have stronger lamps. There is no need to dim the lights in the room, to close the curtains or to move the pupils from one corner of the room to another. We got just what we needed.”

A reliable device at an affordable price

“We were looking for a good, reliable teaching device at a reasonable price. And we got everything we wanted. We don’t have any problems with servicing, but if such a situation should arise, we believe that it too will be resolved quickly,” said headmaster Bajić. Josif Pančić primary school has 18 projectors and they plan on equipping every room, not just classrooms, with Epson projectors in the future. Both the pupils and the teaching staff are satisfied with Epson projectors, and the quality of the lessons has been raised to a standard that easily follows international trends.