Profotonet chooses the P20000 for its fine art, canvas and photo prints

Profotonet prints around 1,000,000 prints per month with Epson

Profotonet chooses the P20000 for its fine art, canvas and photo prints

Profotonet traditionally focused on professional photography, but the rise of digital photography changed everything. Digital cameras don't have to be expensive to take a good photo; digital photography allows amateur photographers to experiment endlessly.

Director Richard Berlijn talks about this transformation and how Epson printers are enabling its customers to produce prints at the best possible quality.

"Within a very short period of time, amateur photographers came to outnumber professional photographers. Naturally, we wanted to offer these people our services as well," said Berlijn.

Since 2005, Profotonet has been enabling customers to deliver photos digitally, and the company prints them for them in the best possible quality.

This type of service is not unique, but Profotonet has been able to achieve a quality that is far superior to that of its competitors at an attractive price.

When demand grew for photo prints on canvas, Berlijn decided to purchase large format printers from Epson.

"The choice to go with Epson was made quickly," explained Berlijn.

"They were one of the first companies in the photo market in 2006, while other printer brands were still focusing on the design industry."

Faster and in more colours

SureColor SC-P20000 printers are perfect for producing canvas prints and other fine art prints even more quickly.

Although Profotonet primarily prints on photographic paper – 1,000,000 prints per month, according to Berlijn's estimate – the demand for canvas and fine art prints is also steadily growing.

Earlier printers did not yet have the speed to be able to help customers as quickly as Profotonet would like, but with the SC-P20000, this is a problem of the past.

Another major advantage of the printers is the fourth grey cartridge.

Berlijn explains: "This gives us a much better monochrome print. Before, we could not get a good progression from black to white in three colours without adding yellow and magenta. With this fourth grey colour, the range is instantly much broader.

"We will make good use of this, as black and white prints in particular are becoming increasingly popular."

Head and shoulders

Profotonet has been working with Epson for ten years because it can deliver precisely what Berlijn and his team had set out to achieve.

"Waterborne inks are better than solvent and eco-solvent for the results that we want to achieve," explained Berlijn.

"If you want to offer your customers high-quality prints, you have to make sure that you have good equipment. Profotonet has remained faithful to Epson right from the start. We still believe that, for what we want to achieve, Epson printers stand head and shoulders above the rest," Berlijn added.