Salescyclegroup keeps printing costs down with EcoTank

Lower printing costs and better usability with EcoTank

Salescyclegroup keeps printing costs down with EcoTank

By combining bite-size online and off-line services into an inspiring community programme, Salescyclegroup ensures training knowledge is retained. Although Salescyclegroup's resources are mainly digital, course materials are provided in printed format too. For some time now, they have been printing these on an EcoTank printer.

Jorien Licht-Geerts is a sales professional, trainer and coach at Salescyclegroup. Together with the founder and CEO, Camiel Klinkhamer, Jorien developed the approach and content of the training programmes.

She runs two training courses per week on average, to between five and ten participants each time.

"This means I have to print around 100 pages per course," Licht-Geerts explains.

"As we are a small freelance organisation, it is worth keeping an eye on small expenses such as printing. When we were just starting out and we were focused on the creative process, and had an inkjet printer with relatively small cartridges.

"But once we were fully operational and the real printing began, we decided to look for a more sustainable solution that was cheaper to use and where we didn't have to refill the ink as frequently," Licht-Geerts added.

Licht-Geerts gathered information about potential printing solutions that would fit the size of her organisation and its printing requirements. Ultimately, she selected Epson's EcoTank ET-4550 printer.

"It seemed to be the most suitable of all the options," Licht-Geerts explains.

“The main costs of a printer often come from refilling the cartridges, but the ink tanks on the EcoTank are so large that you almost never have to top them up."

Salescyclegroup has now been using the Epson EcoTank for three quarters of a year and the printer is exceeding expectations.

"We still haven't had to top up the ink tanks. That makes a huge difference, not just in terms of the time required to order and install new cartridges, but also in terms of cost. The ink is therefore comparatively much cheaper.

"The printing speed is fantastic and, what I particularly like, is that I can print from any device via Wi-Fi. My office is upstairs, where the printer is, but I often work downstairs on my phone or my iPad, for example. Then it's great that I can print immediately, without any complicated installation procedures. And that's saying something, because I'm no technical expert!" Licht-Geerts says.

Epson EcoTank

EcoTank printers come with enough ink for several years, which saves users 74% on printing costs, on average.

The EcoTank has an ink reservoir system with a very large capacity, making ink cartridges completely redundant.

The user simply has to refill the reservoirs using the included ink bottles and can then continue printing.

This not only prevents any frustrations with empty cartridges, but is also much more economical.