Catering Services chooses the SureColor SC-P8000

Catering Services grows its business with a wide range of creative printing solutions

Catering Services chooses the SureColor SC-P8000

Hermanni Meronen, who runs a family company offering restaurant, catering and photography services, has grown his business with Epson's SureColor SC-P8000 printer. This versatile printer has meant they can offer new and creative solutions to bring in new business.

Growing new business with creative printing solutions

With its digital background, the company's investment in an SC-P8000 large-format photo printer was a natural choice. The new printer was acquired to replace the company's old laser printer.

“Our old, wheelbarrow-sized laser printer was starting to reach the end of its life. We were also due for an update in any case, as we needed a printer to produce a range of different outputs. In the market for A3 professional-grade printers, prices can easily be very high, even when the printers don't offer the same versatility as the SC-P8000,” Meronen explains.

“Based on thorough investigation, the SC-P8000 was the clear choice – and we haven't regretted it,” Meronen continues.

Creative solutions for Catering Services

The SC-P8000 printer has enabled Hermanni to offer a range of different creative solutions, allowing the company to use its printer in entirely new ways.

“The visual look of our restaurant has been produced almost entirely with the printer. We have created menus and other basic materials, and have allowed our creativity to flourish. For example, we made a decal with repositionable adhesive note paper, and we printed out runners onto textile banner material for an advertising campaign,” Meronen recalls enthusiastically.

“It's great to be able to print table runners ourselves. The material, originally meant for advertising, is wonderfully suited for this purpose as its durable, retains its shape and is wipe clean. By printing onto the material yourself, you can personalise them as much as you like. And, compared to single-use runners, it's very reasonably-priced. We have also sold them to other restaurants,” Meronen says.

First-class results for professional photographers

Meronen's photography side of the business naturally benefits from the SC-P8000 printer. He makes a great deal of canvas pictures for his customers, and also more specialised work.

“One photographer takes pictures of dark-coloured dogs against a dark background. This is a challenging situation for a printer and on many occasions when he ordered prints from other vendors, there was no discernible image. With the SC-P8000, the prints come out wonderfully and the photographer has praised their quality. The animals stand out superbly against the background,” Meronen says.

This good reputation has brought in more customers. According to Meronen, the excellent quality produced by the printer has sold itself.

Inexpensive to use and easy to service

The SC-P8000 is inexpensive to use and easy to service. All you have to do it periodically replace the ink and run basic cleaning procedures.

“The ink needs to be replaced only infrequently. We are using 350ml cartridges. Even if you print a big tablecloth, you barely see a change in the amount of ink left,” Meronen says.

“Using the printer has been an absolutely positive experience and I would certainly make the same decision again. Right now, I'm at least ready to get a new one of the same kind when it's time to replace this one,“ Meronen concludes.