Seelmann Commercial Advertising chooses EcoTank

Publishing office saves with EcoTank

Seelmann Commercial Advertising chooses EcoTank

Seelmann Commercial Advertising, based in Germany, is a specialist in supporting small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. It chose Epson's EcoTank ET-7750 for all its office printing needs.

Exacting criteria

"Because of our extensive customer base and wide range of products, we have a large monthly print volume. As a result, we had a few, but critical, criteria for our new printing solution.

"The printer sits directly on the workstation, so we wanted clean print technology.

"It must deliver very high-quality prints, even with graphics and photos, so we want an inkjet printer that can also be easily controlled from all desktops.

"Print costs must also be as low as possible, so an EcoTank was the right choice," said Petra Seelmann-Maedchen, the owner.

The agency mainly uses the printer to print the usual office documents: letters, quotes, invoices.

"For presenting media plans, for example, it offers outstanding print possibilities in A3 format," explains Seelmann-Maedchen.

On average, the agency prints about 1,000 documents per month in both A4 and A3 size. Of this, about 80 per cent is printed in colour. The printer has been in use since December 2017.

"One of the great things about the whole EcoTank system is that we no longer have to worry about ink," says Seelmann-Maedchen.

"With our old printer, we had to keep cartridges in stock, and buy more when necessary, and, despite everything, once, on a Saturday evening when we were preparing a presentation, we ran out of ink and couldn't print anything more. It was a disaster."

High-yield printing

The ET-7750 prints all types of documents at very low cost – without cartridges. Instead, the device is supplied with enough ink for more than 3,000 pages.

In order to achieve top-quality photos on paper, the EcoTank ET-7750 uses a four-colour dye-based ink set, with a black pigment ink for sharp black text.

With the ink system, refilling ink has become a clean job, because the ink only goes where it should.

And with the new bottles, the key-lock principle means no more risk of filling the wrong colour.

A new bottle of ink, enough for another thousand pages, costs is very affordable.

Perfect fit

"The EcoTank is the perfect print solution for our agency," concludes Seelmann-Maedchen.

"The printer is reliable and has extremely low running costs. This saves us a lot of time, if I just think about the effort involved in purchasing suitable cartridges. We are more than happy with our EcoTank."