September Events chooses the EB-G7400 projector

The power and quality of 3LCD enhances any event

September Events chooses the EB-G7400 projector

When implementing key client event projects, a Polish agency, September Events, decided to use Epson printing and projection technology - to much success.

A modern company with hi-tech printing needs

Events organisation is not just about field operations, meetings with artists or rehearsals, but is also about document circulation, prints of stage designs and line-ups as well as tenders and continuous communication with customers and subcontractors.

Digital communication requires support with documents in a traditional form (whether graphics printouts, costume sketches, table plans or to-do lists), therefore, choosing the right printing tool is critical.

The head of September Events opted for EcoTank ITS L6170 because of their a positive experience using an EcoTank at home.

There were two advantages: incredibly low printing costs with no risk of ink cartridges running out unexpectedly, as well as the quality of documents created. Scanning with ADF allows for efficient, partially-automated archiving, which is an added benefit.

Large-scale projection enhances any event

Communication through images is important in the events industry. Images need to be flawless in any conditions to attract the attention of the audience.

Epson's EB-G7400 projector met both of those needs.

The device quality, warranty and technical support gave September Events a feeling of security even during customised implementation in the field with bright natural light.

Also, the power of CLO and the projector's contrast made presentations and film displays perfectly visible, even for a large audience.

A critical test... completed successfully

In 2017, September Events organised an event for one of their key customers in a 500m2 marquee erected for the occasion.

There were many activities for the VIP business guests, including a film showing the company's history.

An unexpected storm meant the video had to be displayed in adverse conditions.

Mid-summer sunlight beaming through rain clouds and an almost transparent marquee were big challenges for the projection, however the EB-G7400 handled the conditions flawlessly.

Fulfilling customer expectations

In the events industry, each implementation must be perfect – that's why September Events only uses proven suppliers and reliable solutions.

This is why they chose Epson; the market leader for reliable projectors.