Team Artego Bydgoszcz wins with WorkForce Pro business inkjet

The winner of the Poland Basketball Cup chooses inkjet printing

Team Artego Bydgoszcz wins with WorkForce Pro business inkjet

In 2018, women's basketball team Artego Bydgoszcz won the Poland Cup. Away from the game, the club's back office were managing the admin: letters, paper and digital documentation arrive there and have to be managed properly and economically. Multifunction office tools from Epson are playing their part.

The Club and its needs

The steady rise of the club and the team is also down to efficient management in the back office. An ever-growing amount of paper and digital documentation, and thousands of letters must be managed absolutely perfectly.

When the time came to replace the device they were currently using for printing, scanning and document management, Artego Bydgoszcz began searching for the best solution among the brands with best reputation on the printer market.

Business inkjets are a great choice

Epson's WorkForce Pro WF-5620DWF, turned out to be the winning solution, as it suited the needs of team's needs perfectly.

The Club needed a device which would provide maximum efficiency on the one hand – to print a large number of magazines, documents and letters daily – and on the other hand, be as environmentally-friendly as possible and easy to use. This 4-in-1 device fully lived up to its expectations.

The WF-5620DWF offered the club a number of advantages: 50 per cent lower cost per page compared to colour lasers, lower power consumption than colour lasers – and, most importantly, it saves time, as it allows automatic double-sided printing, scanning, copying and faxing.

For the staff of the sports club, this device meant a significant improvement in their management of paper and digital documentation.

Cheap, fast and, at the same time, high-quality printing meant that the club's staff could stop worrying about the rising costs of organising the presentation of photos and other promotional materials about the team. Now they had more for less money.

Scanning thousands of documents stopped being an unpleasant task; it was replaced by fast, intelligent scanning with the option of document character recognition and much more.

Fears about the security of documents in circulation about the women's basketball team were also laid to rest.

This device has a secure printing function which uses a PIN code to control the sending of print jobs to the printer, so no unauthorised users will accidentally come across a confidential document.

Partnership with prospects

With Epson multifunction office printers, the sports club found everything it needed: fast printing, perfect image and document reproduction quality, the lowest possible energy costs, fool proof printer operation, a good price, and 3-year warranty.

As a result of the energy savings and lower printing and ink costs, the club intends to add Epson projectors for showing matches.

What the customer thinks

"The WF-5620DWF meets our expectations for efficiency when printing thousands of pages of documents, magazines, letters and images while consuming surprisingly little energy and ink.

"The cost of a single print when scaled up to thousands of pages per month translates to a sizable profit for the club. Staff appreciate how easy the printer is to use, and fans of the women's basketball team appreciate the quality of the materials about Artego Bydgoszcz they are being sent," says Jarosław Kotewicz, Artego's Director.

"It's also important for us that Epson really understands the needs of a sporting organisation, as the manufacturer sponsors the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport Team.

"Years of experience in supporting sporting initiatives, high-quality services and innovative solutions are, for us, the best recommendation for the future."