TeleUnicom-Globalsat Group chooses WorkForce Pro RIPS

High-spec printing and massive reduction in cost per printed page

TeleUnicom-Globalsat Group chooses WorkForce Pro RIPS

The TeleUnicom-Globalsat Group applied rigorous criteria to the selection process for the solution to their company's printing needs, and it was Epson's expertise that made the grade.

The TeleUnicom-Globalsat Group is a distributor of high-tech products from a wide number of leading brands and employs nearly 50 people in its Greek office.

Increasing daily demands and high standards for partner selection

To meet the increasing everyday printing needs of all the departments of the Group, considerable research was done to find the solution that offered the best value for money.

Before going ahead with the replacement of its entire printer fleet, the Group was able to test-drive the Epson solution under real-life working conditions for a whole month, using the A4 WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 DTWF.

The printer provided an excellent user experience for company employees throughout the pilot period and responded perfectly to their increased requirements for high speed and ease-of-use when it comes to high-volume printing.

The TeleUnicom-Globalsat Group replaced its entire fleet of printers with six new Epson products: five A4 WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 DTWF and one Α3 WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 D3TWFC.

It also installed the Epson Print Admin solution to provide all users with a PIN for using the machines and to keep track of printing.

The new solution was particularly beneficial in terms of savings, since the total acquisition and running cost came to a third of what it was previously, and beat comparable proposals from competitors.

Specifically, the company benefited from a massive reduction of 133 per cent in the cost per printed page, up to 65 per cent reduction in paper waste, and up to 98 per cent savings* in time needed for maintenance or replacement of the consumables which these Epson WorkForce Pro RIPS printers require.

Epson’s certified partner, Infinitum, was an invaluable participant in the Group’s selection and supply process. In the area of Managed Print Services (MPS), Infinitum operates a separate business unit to implement comprehensive services for medium and large organisations. As part of a contract providing MPS, Infinitum assumes overall responsibility for the company's printing fleet (equipment, consumables, technical support, management) and offers recommendations for the development of the service. Depending on customer requirements, and as part of its comprehensive services, it can provide applications (secure pull printing, tracking-reporting, billing, rule-based printing, etc.) which facilitate workflow optimisation, the ability to track documents, proactive troubleshooting and ensuring security of sensitive data.

Extremely high performance and ease of use with cost and energy savings

Thanks to the Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS), Epson’s WorkForce Pro RIPS printers effectively meet the TeleUnicom-Globalsat Group’s printing requirements, as they deliver high-quality prints using super-high-yield ink supply units for uninterrupted printing of up to 75,000 pages.

With the Α3 WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 D3TWFC printer, all of the Group’s departments complete their tasks at exceptional speeds, particularly in comparison to laser printers.

The automatic 50-page document feeder, with a scanner for A3+ double-sided scanning, colour touch screen with “interrupt” button for temporarily pausing a job (e.g. printing) while executing another (e.g. copying) and the ability to print and scan files from a USB drive are just a few of the features that made an impression during the trial use period, coming out as the top choice among employees.

Meanwhile, the printer stayed in line with the Group’s environmental policies and practices, as it consumes up to 80% less energy* compared to laser printers.

The Α4 WorkForce Pro WF-R5690 DTWF printers offer equally fast printing speeds and high-capacity ink cartridges for up to 75,000 pages and are ideal partner to the Group in its aim to increase productivity with the least amount of interference.

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