Vidi Magazine chooses EcoTank

High-volume printing of proofs ensures quality magazines

When it comes to preparing issues for print, as well as organising conferences and events, Vidi magazine's editorial team chose a reliable and cost-effective everyday colour-printing solution - EcoTank.

Vidi is a leading Croatian monthly IT magazine and the team needs reliable, high-quality, colour printing. In addition to editing Vidi magazine and equipment testing, printers are also used for other business documents.

When it comes to the production of the print issues, the 134-page magazine is printed in A4 format, meaning each month around 500 pages need to be printed.

Before the final version of an issue is sent to the printer, the L1455 and L6190 printers produce four full-length editions of every Vidi magazine. This means Epson's EcoTank ITS printers produce about fifty copies of the publication or nearly 6,500 A4 pages a year.

Editors, journalists, proof-readers and the graphics department leave their corrections and notes on printed copies, and the edited copy is re-printed over and over again, until all errors are eliminated, and the new title is ready to be sent to the printer.

Colour printing without borders

"Reliable high-quality printers are essential for every editorial team that works in print," said Dinko Kadi, Editor-in-Chief of Vidi magazine.

"Epson's EcoTank ITS is the best choice for us, because it allows us to print in colour, in large quantities, yet at a low price. Colour printing today is no longer something to worry about, which leaves us more time to concentrate on more important tasks," he added.

Assistance in organising conferences

Aside from reviewing and editing new releases, Epson's EcoTank ITS printers are also used when organising conferences. For example, for the GDPR conference held in December 2017, Epson's EcoTank ITS printers were used to print over 300 guest passes.

Having an EcoTank ITS printer at hand is a great solution because organisers can quickly and efficiently print passes and other materials as needed.

With an Epson EcoTank ITS printer, you don't have to worry about the price of colour printing, which means that you can dedicate your time and effort to giving free rein to your creativity.

* The comparable ink cartridge calculation is based on the lowest yield cartridge used in the top 20 competitive A4 inkjet printers according to the IDC EMEA Hardcopy Tracker (Data Q4 2016) in the period January 2016 – December 2016. The calculation was based on the competitors’ standard cartridge yield divided by the average Epson ITS EcoTank printer’s bundled yield.