Vienna World Museum chooses TM-m30

cook cafe & bistro restaurant relies on TM-m30 printers

Vienna World Museum chooses TM-m30

The World Museum in Vienna has re-opened following a complete redesign, and now also includes a traditional yet modern coffee house. Of course, the till system is also state-of-the-art, and Epson's TM-m30 printers are a central part of it.

The Vienna World Museum conveys to its visitors the customs and lifestyles of foreign cultures in and attractive and contemporary way.

Visitors also enjoy the café in the portico hall, that offers traditional Viennese coffee-house culture in 21st-century style.

The concept of the café is attuned to the museum's theme. From the coffee cups, to the high-quality specially designed plates from Holland, right through to the daily menu choices, a harmonious overall picture shines through.

"Quality is the most important thing," says Samuel Bergen, café manager.

That also applies to service and equipment. They have therefore chosen to use devices that will provide them with the best workflow.

From the very beginning, receipts were printed by Epson's TM-m30 printers, because these devices combine features that are versatile and useful, and absolutely reliability.

"Since 25 October 2017, the day we opened, we have not had even the slightest problem with any of our printers," said Bergen.

With many years' experience in gastronomy, he knows that nothing can be taken for granted.

"Every day, we give out hundreds of receipts – well over 600 on our busiest days. Customers are legally entitled to an invoice. Delays or failures would soon become a serious problem," Bergen said.

The staff at Cook appreciate having three printers for their flexibility, as well as for their reliability.

Thanks to their compact dimensions (just 127 mm in length) they are space-saving and unobtrusive, and can be positioned anywhere.

Cook has three black TM-m30 printers: one LAN printer behind the bar, as well as one WLAN printer each in the kitchen and the guest area, directly at the POS. This means minimal legwork for the staff and allows customers to be served as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the WLAN function, cabling that would otherwise be necessary doesn't even enter into the equation.

The TM-m30 is customised for tablet-based POS systems and the ePOS-Print technology integrated into the printer for communication with web applications, allows printing from any mobile device, without installing or updating the driver.

The waiters use Android-based smartphones with their till systems app. In total, three smartphones and one tablet are connected to the printers in this way. The data entered is immediately sent to the printers via Wi-Fi, and the receipt printed straight away. It is practical and secure.

"The receipt system and the till have their own closed WLAN network, that no-one can get into," Samuel Bergen explains.

He is also impressed with its handling. The positioning of the printers is completely flexible, either vertically or horizontally.

"Behind the bar, we've just turned the printer over. Now, we can immediately see when a receipt is ready to be torn of," Bergen continues.

It's these small details that make everyday work much easier.

"We are really impressed with the printers and have nothing bad to say about them. They are very easy to operate, the rolls last for at least one or two days even in peak periods, and when they do need changing, it's done in one easy step," Bergen said.

When it came to equipping the cook café & bistro, the decision in favour of the TM-m30 printer had already been made, explains Gerhard Podbrany, in his capacity as Managing Director of Cook's parent company, a successful catering company.

Podbrany testifies to the experience that they had in Cook: "For some years, we have had a total of ten Epson printers in use as part of our other operations, and we have had nothing but a good experience with them. They are simply ideal, in terms of their size, the lack of noise and their flexibility. We have not seen a single defect with them to date. In terms of reliability, the printers are simply perfect."