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Moverio BT-300 - a true Augmented Reality experience

The Moverio BT-300 features Epson's cutting edge silicon-based OLED (organic light emitting diode) digital display technology, making the device the lightest binocular see-through smart glasses on the market with an OLED display2, with never-before achieved image quality. Enjoy the ultimate in Augmented Reality thanks to its HD display, and its high contrast for a true see-through experience.

A bright horizon for drone piloting applications

There’s plenty to see with Moverio BT-300 – the world’s lightest Si-OLED-powered binocular see-through smart glasses. This is the latest advance in First Person View (FPV) wearable technology, and the best way to capture photos and video using your drone

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Are you a DJI™ drone pilot wanting to experience the next level of First Person View (FPV) control?

Moverio BT-300 smart glasses are the ideal innovative and see-through HD display to complement your DJI™ drone – subscribe here to get more info:

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Epson's Si-OLED technology

Epson invests heavily in R&D to maintain our market leading position in projection technology. Everything we do is with the customer in mind. That's why we're always bringing new technologies to market. And that's why we developed the latest in silicone-based OLED technology, which is optimised for use in our smart eyewear range. Watch the video to find out more.

High contrast to realise true AR

With Moverio BT-300, the unused display space appears truly transparent thanks to our new Si-OLED micro display technology and its high contrast ratio of 100,000:1 enabling the projected digital content to seamlessly merge with the real world.

Amazing image quality

HD display (720p) and high brightness ensure a crisp image and vivid colours. Whether you're watching a film or experiencing the power of augmented reality, the Moverio brings content to life like never before.

High Performance

The powerful Intel® Atom™ x5 1.44GHz Quad Core CPU ensures smooth performance, even with demanding, content-heavy applications.

Thanks to its large array of sensors including motion sensors in the headset & the controller, GPS, microphone, and camera, it is possible to create amazing and unique experiences.

HD front-facing camera

Trigger Augmented Reality content, and take HD-quality POV pictures and videos, all hands-free thanks to the 5MP front-facing camera. The camera features an LED indicator, that flashes when used.

Large choice of wireless connectivity

Featuring the latest innovations in wireless connectivity (Bluetooth Smart Ready, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac & Miracast), it can easily connect to a wide range of devices to receive content and data at high speed.

Up to
6 hours
battery life!

Battery life

Thanks to its separate controller housing a full-sized battery, the battery life is up to six hours - allowing you to use the Moverio for extended periods of time.

Moverio Apps Market

Visit the Moverio Apps Market to browse and discover apps specifically designed for Moverio, including games, entertainment, business and lifestyle apps. Download them directly from your Moverio and enter a new world of entertainment and possibilities.

Moverio Apps Market

Moverio Smart Glasses range



Commercial use, such as visitor experiences and cultural sites

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Moverio Pro


use mainly

View Pro BT-2000
Moverio Pro


Industrial use where head protection is mandatory

View Pro BT-2200

Case studies

  1. When compared to data available on the websites of manufacturers of competitor devices with similar features as of January 2016. Targeted weight of the Moverio BT-300 headset: 69g.
  2. Product imagery is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change until product launch



Key Features

  • The new standard in drone piloting: Si-OLED display, enabling full see-through experience for the only FPV accessory in VLOS.
  • Amazing image quality: HD display (720p) and a high brightness ensure a crisp image and vivid colours
  • HD front-facing camera: 5MP front-facing camera to take hands-free HD-quality POV pictures and videos
  • Cutting edge performance: 1.44GHz Quad Core CPU and 2GB RAM, coupled with a battery life of up to 6 hours
  • Flexible Platform: Powered by open-source Android OS, with the ability to update
Wifi Miracast
Perceived Screen IC
6hr Battery IC

Download additional information

Moverio BT-300 Datasheet / Brochure
Moverio BT-300
Corporate Vertical Brochure Datasheet / Brochure

Tech Specs

Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

SKU: V11H756041
  • Technology

    Model Type
    See-through OTG (Over the Glasses)
  • Optical

    Display Device Type
    Si-OLED (Silicon - Organic Light-Emitting Diode)
    Driving Method
    Mono Crystalline Silicon Active Matrix
    Display size
    0.43 inch wide panel (16:9)
    Pixel Number
    921,600 pixels ( 1,280x 720) x RGB
    Field of View
    Approx. 23 °
    Screen Size (Projected Distance)
    80 inches at 5 m - 320 inches at 20 m
    Colour Reproduction
    24 bit-colour (16.77 million colours)
    Refresh rate
    30 Hz
  • Android Platform

    OS Type
    Android 5.1
  • Sensors

    5 million pixels
    Yes, in Controller (A-GPS)
    Yes, in both Headset and Controller
    Yes, in both Headset and Controller
    Ambient Light Sensor
  • Connectivity

    Wireless LAN
    IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac with WiFi Direct and WiFi Miracast (Source/Sink)
    Bluetooth Smart Ready
    USB 2.0
  • CPU and Memory

    Intel® Atom™ x5, 1.44GHz Quad Core
    2 GB
    Internal memory
    16 GB
    External Memory
    Micro SD (max.2GB), MicroSDHC (max. 32GB)
  • User interface

    Function key
    HOME, MENU, BACK, Volume (+/-), Power, Function (Lock, Brightness, 2D/3D)
    Direction Control Key
    Up, Down, Left, Right, Enter-OK
    Touch pad Pointing method
    Capacitive Multitouch
  • Supported file formats

    MP4 (MPEG 4+AAC), MPEG2 (H.264+AAC)
    AAC, MP3, WAV
    3D supports
    Side By side
  • General

    Operating Temperature
    20 % - 80 % Humidity, 41 ° F - 95 ° F, 5 ° C - 35 ° C
    Battery Life
    6 hrs (Video mode with Android at 25°)
    Dimensions: Headset
    191 mm x 178 mm x 25 mm (D x W x H)
    Weight Headset
    69 g  (without light Shielding / without harness) (without cables)
    What's in the box
    AC adapter, Carrying Case, Inner frame for optical lenses, Intraoricular earphone with microphone, Quick Setup Guide, Shade, USB cable, User Manual (CD-ROM)
  • Other

    24 months Carry-in

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1 - When compared to data available on the websites of manufacturers of competitor devices with similar features as of September 2016. Moverio BT-300 weight: 69g.