Portable business scanner

The fastest portable business scanner on the market1 with versatile media handling, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectivity and a convenient 20-page document feeder.

Manage documents on the move

Epson's portable business scanner makes it easy to manage documents quickly and effectively on the move. With one of the lightest and smallest designs in its class, it is ideal to put in a bag or keep in a drawer, letting you quickly digitise paperwork on demand, wherever you are. Wireless connectivity and a built-in battery2 complete a truly portable scanning experience, with no need to carry around extra cables.

Manage documents quickly and effectively while on the move Flexibility for all your scanning needs Reliable speed and efficiency

Manage documents quickly and effectively while on the move

It's not always possible to predict when you'll need to scan a document on the move. Perhaps you need to send proof of ID, urgent paperwork or new designs. Perhaps you've just picked up a heap of leaflets and business cards you don't want to carry around with you. Epson's portable business scanner means you can digitise and send in full colour, wherever you are, without taking up too much valuable luggage space.

Flexibility for all your scanning needs

The portable business scanner can handle paper weights from flimsy 52gsm sheets up to heavyweight 230gsm card. It can scan an extensive range of media, including envelopes, flyers and receipts.

Reliable speed and efficiency

The fastest scanner in its class1, Epson's portable business scanner can scan at 25ppm and offers both double-sided and single-sided scanning. It offers print-quality scanning at 300dpi in both colour and monochrome, and has a 20-page automatic document feeder and USB 3.0 compatibility for the fastest possible scanning.


This scanner offers one of the smallest footprints in its class and is also one of the lightest, with a compact, practical design. This makes it ideal for carrying in a bag or keeping in a drawer, without taking up too much valuable space.

Power options

Epson's portable business scanner offers a range of power options including mains, USB and battery power2. Ideal for the frequent traveller who needs a device that will work anywhere.

Media versatility

The portable business scanner has a dedicated card scan function that can capture plastic cards including driving licences, ID cards and membership cards among many other media types.

Simple capture solutions


Ideal for organisations with regular scanning requirements, Epson’s simple scan process helps you to save time and work more efficiently – in any size format that suits you.


Scan documents easily

Scan to email

Scan to cloud

Scan to local folder or
network share drive

Scan to Microsoft Office

Scan to mobile

DS-360W lets you connect wirelessly and scan direct to your device

The DS-360W comes with built in wireless capability, which means you can scan media without needing to connect any cables, and send it direct via Wi-Fi to your tablet, laptop or smartphone.

Epson DocumentScan

Epson advanced capture

For demanding scan requirements and high-output environments, Epson’s two-step scan process captures and sorts documents in seconds thanks to advanced, pre-defined parameters set by you. TWAIN, ISIS and WIA drivers, or additional software plugins, allow for seamless integration into your preferred Document Management Systems, workflow systems and cloud services:

Epson advanced capture

Include barcode for document sorting and naming

Workflow integration

Zonal OCR for document naming

Technology that helps

Epson scanners enable you to meet all of your scanning requirements by providing impactful digital content:


On-board image enhancement technology

Separate documents

Sort documents easily, with automatic document separation features


Produce straighter images making them easy to read

Convert scans

Convert scans into digital text, thanks to built-in OCR that creates files you can search


Reduce preparation times with auto-rotation

Enhance text

Make your scanned text sharper and easier to read

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  1. Compared to personal mobile scanners as defined by Infosource for EMEA region and based on competitors' websites sales data to June 2016.
  2. Wireless connectivity and built-in battery only available with DS-360W.