Highly-secure printing with increased productivity

SureColor SC-T7700D
6-Colour T Series

The SureColor SC-T7700D is a 44-inch fully integrated plotter that offers highly-secure, productive printing, smart features and easy operation.

Versatile design and a compact footprint make the SC-T7700D easy to install in most working environments. Confidential documents are handled securely using enhanced IT and security features. High printing speeds and a dual-roll facility boost productivity.

SureColor SC-T7700D


The SureColor SC-T7700D is a 44-inch fully integrated plotter offering productive printing, smart features and easy operation.

Key features

Enhanced image quality and mark-up prints with special red ink

The SC-T7700D supported by Adobe Postscript 3 as standard, creates the highest-quality and detailed printing using the 2.64-inch PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead, Variable Sized Droplet Technology, and Nozzle Verification Technology. The 6-colour UltraChrome XD3 all-pigment inks include a new red ink that is useful for marking up CAD drawings, realistically replicating red hues and matching the exact colour of red in corporate logos.

Remote real-time print status monitoring

With the Epson Cloud Solution PORT platform, you can remotely monitor equipment across sites, or multiple printers at one site, anytime and anywhere, The Production Monitor is one of the apps on the Epson Cloud Support PORT and provides clear, easy-to-understand graphics to see at a glance how each printer in your fleet is performing. Detailed data can be used to easily analyse productivity and receive daily operational updates from anywhere. Maintenance tracking and remote troubleshooting services improve productivity and efficiency.

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