Working together in healthcare

Save time and money with cost-effective technology that helps healthcare professionals to work more efficiently.

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Technology solutions for healthcare

At Epson, we understand that you’re under pressure to improve collaboration and patient care at the same time as cutting costs and working more efficiently.

That’s why we design technology that simplifies and streamlines your workflows, saving you time and resources. This frees up your staff to work across teams and solve problems faster, by bringing your people, places and information together in real time. Delivering high performance with low intervention, Epson healthcare solutions let you focus on the most important person – your patient.

Helping IT do more with less

Our solutions help you deliver a continuous system of quality care.

Get the full financial picture

Epson technology is designed to let you find cost savings without affecting organisational performance, freeing up budget for other areas and initiatives.

Helping managers boost productivity

The efficiency of operations and facilitation of staff can have a direct effect on patient care and the role of healthcare professionals. Work more effectively, streamline processes and boost accuracy with Epson technology.

Help protect the planet’s future

At Epson, we understand the importance of supporting a greener planet for future generations.

Service & Support

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Leasing solutions

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Software solutions

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Make patients your priority

Save time and money on storage

Safely store medical data without the cost of paper storage. Many hospitals choose to install Epson CD/DVD publishers for patient CDs or archiving of patient data for reliability and ease-of-use – even in harsh environments.

Print efficiently and economically

Spend less time waiting for prints, even at high volumes, while controlling access to sensitive information. Our low intervention WorkForce Pro and WorkForce Enterprise printers offer faster response times, long-lasting supplies and passcode protection, to support and secure your workflow rather than disrupt it.

See better results

Make the most of augmented reality (AR) to review crucial patient details while performing procedures. Our Moverio smart glasses allow you to display information and images simultaneously, which help you react faster, increase productivity and speed up treatment time.

Digitise medical documents efficiently

Digitise some of the most challenging paper records – medical documents. Epson’s high-speed A3 production devices offer the flexibility required to scan every document in the file, straight to collaborative work areas at the touch of a button.

Simplify collaboration

Discuss patient cases without having to type up notes, and consult with remote specialists in real-time without leaving the workplace. Our interactive projectors turn collaborative working into a more efficient digital process, with no need for flipcharts, whiteboards or flat panel displays.

Define critical details

Distinguish patients, their medicines and treatments by using colour labels. Clearly highlight vital information and emphasise subtle differences for increased accuracy and legibility. Our ColorWorks label printers produce highly durable medicine and specimen labels quickly and on demand.

Print high volume at speed

Print high quality documents at superfast speeds of up to 100ipm2, and boost productivity with WorkForce Enterprise – a reliable and environmentally friendly departmental colour A3 MFP with optional finisher.


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1 High ink supply unit capacity of up to 84,000 pages approx. page yield. Actual yield will vary depending on images printed and usage conditions. For more information visit Initialisation inks only have enough ink to support printer start up, new inks have to be purchased or supplied for normal operation.

2 Typically 45-55ppm laser printers use 1500W, the WorkForce Enterprise has a low power consumption of 180W – 320W and prints at up to 100ipm.