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The leisure industry is under immense pressure from the very people it serves. Consumers are demanding more from their downtime and want every experience to be a talking point, a social share and a sense of achievement. Epson technologies help make every visit a story worth telling. From back-office efficiency to gaining a competitive advantage, our innovative solutions will support you in delivering consistently rewarding end-to-end customer experiences.

Reinvent the visitor experience

Whether customers are queuing, participating, require service or information, create an experience they will never want to forget. Use innovative technology to guide, educate and impress them throughout their visit.

Invest in the future

Leisure organisations must find new ways to attract and retain visitors in the age of the empowered customer. Streamline time-consuming processes and save money by providing a better customer service.

Enjoy the results

Creating meaningful engagement with every visitor calls for tailored, yet inclusive attractions. The right technology can address concerns and help build experiences that grow your visitor numbers.

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Protect the planet’s future

At Epson, we understand the importance of supporting a more sustainble planet for future generations, which is why we develop our print solutions to be as environmentally considerate as possible.

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Make every detail count

Turn tickets, passes and wristbands into branded or promotional keepsakes. Epson ColorWorks label printers deliver colour printing on demand, so you can easily customise the details to your environment, event or exhibit, and print on a variety of media.

Let visitors play an active role

Epson’s interactive displays are made for wayfinding and collaboration. Use at information points and in learning spaces, so visitors can explore for themselves and take part in themed activities via the touchscreen, using fingers or the responsive pens provided.

Showcase your imagination

Transport whole rooms into other worlds. Epson installation projectors can create exciting displays in enhanced 4D quality and map large projections to your building, music, narrative or other effects for a multi-sensory experience like no other.

Provide immersive experiences

Epson’s Moverio see-through smart glasses enable augmented content to be immersively overlaid the real world, making culture, events, performance venues and factory tours more accessible and exciting, without distracting visitors from exhibits and attractions.

High speed, reliable receipt printing

Epson’s receipt printers are designed to keep up in the most demanding of retail environments. The TM-T88VI is a state-of-the-art receipt printer, offering fast print speeds and high reliability, with advanced features to support mobile, web and PC based POS at the same time.

Create individual stories

Produce personalised photos, certificates and cards as customers move through the experience. Epson’s SureLab photo printers create visual stories that your visitors can keep and share.

Deliver the service they want

Whether you are a small leisure premises using the Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) or a larger leisure facility with the WorkForce Enterprise printing solution, Epson has your back-office needs covered. For instance, scan completed membership forms from ticket booths to head office for fast approval and a positive customer service for your guests.

Exceed customer expectations

With Epson’s large format printers, you can produce high-end posters, banners, prints and more, without the need for a professional print shop.


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