SurePress Inkjet Digital Label Press

The SurePress range of label presses are the ideal solution for label converters looking to expand their operations.

Designed and engineered by Epson for flexibility, consistency, and reliability to deliver repeatable high quality printed labels with minimal downtime and waste.

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SurePress L-6534VW UV inkjet label press

Maximise productivity with efficient and cost-effective solutions for a competitive TCO

The SurePress L-6534VW is highly automated for printing labels at speed. By focusing on precision, consistency, and reliability, Epson ensures your print runs are efficient and productive, while maintaining optimum print quality time after time.

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The L-6534VW configuration is CMYK plus a high opacity white ink, with a choice of orange ink, for an expanded colour gamut, or a digital varnish. Printed in-line to provide powerful embellishment with a gloss or matte finish.

SurePress L-4733A/AW water-based inkjet label press

Label Printing with Confidence

The SurePress L-4733A/AW is widely recognised for delivering the highest level of quality and reliability and is unique in using water-based ink that can print on standard papers and film substrates.

With a 6-colour ink set CMYKOG, plus optional white, the SurePress L‑4733A/AW offers the widest colour gamut for precise colour matching and colour consistently throughout the production run.

Expand your offering and boost your bottom line

Highly automated maintenance features enable the press to keep working longer and reliably with minimal downtime and operator intervention.

Stable and easy to use,the SurePress L-4733 makes short run label printing more efficient, productive and highly cost effective...


In today's competitive market, digital label presses have emerged as game-changers, revolutionizing the way businesses approach label printing. Dive into the world of digital label presses with our comprehensive FAQ guide.

1. What is a digital label press?

A digital label press is a sophisticated printing machine specifically designed to produce high quality labels and packaging materials. Unlike traditional printing methods, digital label presses use advanced digital printing technologies, such as inkjet or UV printing, to transfer digital designs directly onto label substrates.

2. How does a digital label press work?

Digital label presses work by receiving digital files from a computer or external device and transferring the designs onto label materials. This process involves precise control of ink or toner application, resulting in vibrant colours, sharp details and consistent print quality.

3. What are the benefits of using a digital label press?

Digital label presses offer many advantages, including:

  • Fast turnaround times: Digital label presses excel at short runs and on-demand printing, allowing companies to respond quickly to market demands

  • Customisation and personalisation: With digital label presses, businesses can easily incorporate variable data printing, allowing them to create personalised labels for different products or customers

  • Cost-effectiveness: Digital label presses eliminate costly set-up fees and plate changes associated with traditional printing methods, resulting in lower production costs for businesses

  • High quality prints: Digital label presses deliver superior print quality with sharp images, vibrant colours and precise detail, enhancing the overall visual appeal of labels and packaging

4. What types of labels can a digital label press produce?

Digital label presses can produce a wide range of labels, including product labels, packaging labels, barcode labels, promotional labels and more. They can accommodate a variety of label substrates, including paper, film, vinyl and specialty materials, providing versatility for different labelling applications.

5. How do digital label presses compare to traditional label printing methods?

While traditional label printing methods, such as flexography or offset printing, still have their place in certain applications, digital label presses offer several distinct advantages. These include faster turnaround times, cost-effectiveness for short runs, customisation capabilities and superior print quality.

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