Sign up for 3 months free ink with ReadyPrint Flex subscription1 and 3 year extended warranty* when using Epson Genuine inks.


Advantage+ is free to join with exclusive benefits for your new printer*

You can register your new eligible Epson printer for Advantage+ for free!

Once you’ve registered for Advantage+ you’ll get 3 years extended warranty* automatically applied for your peace of mind, when using Epson genuine inks. Plus 3 months free ink1, delivered to your door, before you run out with ReadyPrint Flex subscription, that you will receive a code for to redeem the offer.

3 months of free ink subscription1 with Advantage+

ReadyPrint is a flexible printing plan that delivers ink, removing the hassle of running out

  • Ink is delivered to your door, before you run out
  • Swap between our flexible ink plans at any time
  • No minimum contract - cancel anytime
  • After your free trial you can save up to 70% on printing costs2

Free 3 year extended warranty*

Rest easy knowing your printer is protected for an extended period, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Summary of the Advantage+ benefits

With Advantage+ Without Advantage+

ReadyPrint Flex subscription

3 months free ReadyPrint ink subscription included1 Standard price


3 years extended warranty* 1 year standard warranty

Epson genuine ink

Required Recommended (for best quality results)

Internet connection

Required Recommended

Genuine inks with Advantage+

Epson genuine inks are required for Advantage+*, this ensures you can print easily and get consistent results - by using Epson’s genuine inks which are tested and approved. Let us explain what makes our high-performance and reliable inks so special.

Do more for the Environment with Epson

With a ReadyPrint Flex subscription you can help contribute to a sustainable future.

75% less plastic packaging vs retail ink packaging3

Cardboard packaging recyclable in household waste

Free envelopes for ink cartridge recycling at

XL inks mean fewer deliveries + less plastic = lower environmental impact3

Advantage+ compatible printers

Already purchased a compatible printer?

Great choice, register your printer with Advantage+ to take advantage of the great benefits.

Top frequently asked questions

All frequently asked questions

What is Advantage+?

Advantage+ is a free programme that you can join to get exclusive benefits from Epson.

How can I join?

Click on the register button and fill in the relevant details. Once you have done this, you will automatically get the warranty extension and an email will be sent to you with a voucher code for the 3 months ReadyPrint Flex free ink subscription.

How long do I have to join?

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to register to the Advantage+ programme and claim your free ReadyPrint ink subscription.

Does it cost anything to join?

No, Advantage+ is completely free.

Are there any requirements to join Advantage+?

The use of Epson genuine inks and continuous internet connection are required to be eligible for Advantage+ programme. It is also for new customers only.

Is Advantage+ a subscription?

No, Advantage+ is not a subscription. It is a free programme to reward our customers who use Epson genuine inks. Registration to Advantage+ is required to be eligible for the 3 months free ReadyPrint Flex ink subscription and the 3 year extended warranty.

How do I know if my printer is eligible?

There is a list of eligible printers listed during the registration process and your serial number will be required.

What is ReadyPrint Flex?

ReadyPrint Flex is a flexible printing subscription plan that delivers Epson genuine ink, direct to your door. You can print a set amount of pages per month for a small monthly fee. You don’t have to worry about running out of ink; just print according to your plan.

When you register, it activates the technology inside the printer that enables it to intelligently monitor the ink levels. You can be sure that more ink will be delivered to you before you run out.

What does 3 months free ink subscription mean?

Once you have signed up to Advantage+, you are eligible for 3 months free ReadyPrint Flex subscription. This is subject to the monthly page limit of the plan selected. If the page limited is exceeded, applicable charges will apply within the promotional period. ReadyPrint Flex terms and conditions apply.

How can I find out more about ReadyPrint?
Do I need to have a ReadyPrint ink subscription to be part of Advantage+?

The 3 months free Readyprint ink subscription is to provide convenience with free ink delivery before you run out and savings of up to 70% on ink costs2 but it is not mandatory to join Advantage+. However, Advantage+ requires the use of original Epson ink cartridges even after the ReadyPrint free period.

What if I don’t want to join Advantage+?

Advantage+ is optional programme available to customers when purchasing eligible printers.

What if I join but then change my mind?

You can opt out of the programme at anytime but you will no longer be eligible for the related benefits. When you opt out, the extended warranty ends. This will not affect your standard commercial warranty and statutory rights.

If you want to unsubscribe from ReadyPrint Flex as well, you are required to terminate that specific programme separately by logging in to your ReadyPrint Flex account.

What happens after the free ReadyPrint subscription?

Standard ReadyPrint subscription charges, depending on the chosen plan, will apply after the free period unless it is cancelled.

* Registration, use of Epson genuine inks and continuous internet connection are required. Extended warranty and free ReadyPrint subscription are subject to joining the Advantage+ programme. New customers only. You can opt in within 30 days from the purchase of your Printer and out of the programme at anytime. Please note that once you have opted out, you cannot register again. When you opt out the extended warranty ends. This will not affect your standard commercial warranty and statutory rights.

1 ReadyPrint Flex is not available in all countries and is subject to the monthly page limit of the plan selected. If the page limit is exceeded, applicable charges will apply within the promotional period. Only one offer is redeemable per printer and 3 months free trial cannot be used in conjunction with other ReadyPrint offers and can be used on plans up to and including 100 pages per month only. ReadyPrint Flex subscription requires a valid credit/debit card and internet connection to the printer. After 3 months, a monthly fee will apply unless the subscription is cancelled. For ReadyPrint Flex Terms and Conditions, please visit

2 Based on Epson calculations, the cost per page saving to print an A4 page on the highest ReadyPrint Flex subscription plan compared to the average cost per page of the 30 best-selling consumer A4 inkjet cartridge printers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK (IDC, Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker, 2021 shipments, published Q2 2022). Cost per page calculated by dividing the average selling price by the yield of the associated genuine cartridges (IDC, Hardcopy Peripherals Consumables Tracker, 2021 shipments, published Q1 2022).

3 Based on the weight of plastic used in a 4-colour ReadyPrint multipack, compared to the equivalent 4-colour, XL retail multipack. Calculation base: average weight of multipacks shipped from October 2022 to March 2023.