Welcome to the next generation of printing. Delve into an innovative method for producing everything from straightforward signage to top-tier displays and decorative pieces, all on a diverse range of substrates. Our printers set a new benchmark, with every element meticulously conceived and manufactured by Epson. Encounter flawless functionality and consistently attain professional-quality results. Embark on a journey into a boundless realm of printing possibilities.

Product and key features

Delve into the SC-R series, meticulously crafted for exceptional signage and graphics printing with unparalleled substrate versatility. Elevate your printing quality and scope with the SC-V series, which boasts innovative LED UV technology. Meanwhile, the SC-S series sets the gold standard for high-value signage and displays. Each series offers distinctive features tailored to your printing requirements. Explore these pioneering printers and their key attributes further below.

User-replaceable printheads
Choice of 1.5-litre or 2 x 1.5-litre ink pouches for increased productivity
6 colours plus Optimizer
Quick dry and high levels of scratch resistance

SC-R Series

Accurate, colour consistent, quick drying and scratch resistant prints using resin ink.


The SureColor SC-V7000 is Epson’s first LED UV flatbed large format printer, designed for sign and display makers who want to expand their product range and increase productivity, while enhancing the quality of their prints. With the flexibility to print on various materials, this UV flatbed printer is perfect for printing eye-catching retail and outdoor signage, window displays, hoarding panels, packaging, 3D promotional goods and decor printing.

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Ionizer ensures stable ink ejection and high quality images
Media thickness automatically measured
Four-zone vacuum work efficiency
Layout pin sets the position of board media
Media crash sensor prevents the printhead from crashing
UltraChrome UV ink set works across vast range of media
Eight Epson Micro piezo printheads produce high definition images and smooth gradations

SC-V Series

UV flatbed printers that offer exceptional image quality on a wide range of media.


Ideal for producing high-value signage and vivid displays, as well as specialist applications such as wallpaper and car-wrapping, every printer in the series is designed, developed and built by us, so you can be assured of ongoing quality, backed up by our standard two-year warranty.

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Precise and accurate printing:

Class-leading AD-ATC system and sophisticated media feeding

Maximise productivity:

Automated printhead maintenance and guard plate, ink mist collection system

Quick and easy set up
Fabric wiper
Superior-quality results:

Latest generation PrecisionCore TFP printhead and UltraChrome GS3 inks

Accurate rewinding


Precise and accurate printing:

class-leading AD-ATC system and sophisticated media feeding

Maximise Productivity:

Automated printhead maintenance and guard plate, ink mist collection system

Quick and easy setup
Fabric wiper
Superior-quality results:

Latest generation PrecisionCore TFP printhead and UltraChrome GS3 inks

Bulk ink solution

Higher capacity 1.5-litre ink pouches for high PV users

Accurate rewinding

SC-S Series

Create everything from simple signage to high-end displays and décor on a range of substrates.

Superior-quality inks


With the SureColor SC-R5000(L) you can expand from printing traditional signage applications to a broad portfolio of banners, wallcoverings, vinyl, film and textiles. Its waterbased ink is odourless, making it possible to use in sensitive environments such as schools, hospitals and hotels. The resin ink is quick-drying and scratch durable, so you can laminate directly after printing.


The SureColor SC-V7000 delivers the high-quality prints customers demand, with outstanding print quality and vivid colours. The newly developed UltraChrome UV 10-colour ink set enhances prints for stunning results. The white ink provides versatility for printing a wider range of products – either applied as a base layer on coloured media or to create backlit and daylight applications. The varnish offers flexibility, as it can be applied all over the image or as a spot colour to accentuate specific textures and effects.


Epson UltraChrome GS3 or GS3 with Red produces a wide colour gamut for highly accurate colour reproduction. The SC-S80600 and SC-S80600L benefit from the addition of both red and orange ink to expand the colour gamut, and the possibilities. An all-new ink flow regulator ensures ink is distributed evenly for a clean and precise finish. Now with choice of 1.5-litre ink pouches or 700ml ink cartridges.

Application areas

Epson signage solutions are designed to support growing businesses with outstanding photographic print quality, durability, and media compatibility.

Application areaSC-R SeriesSC-V SeriesSC-S Series
Wallcoveringsttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt tttttfffftttt tttt tttt tttt
Soft Signagettttt ttttt ttttt ttttt tttttdtttt tttt tttt tttt
Outdoor and Event bannersttttttttt ttttttttt ttttttttt tttttttttdttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt
Vehicle Wrapsttttt ttttt tttttttttt ttttt tttttdttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt
Window Graphicstttt ttttt ttttt ttttttttt tttt tttt ttttttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt
POS (Posters)ttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt tttttttt ttt ttttttt tttt tttt tttt
Light Boxestttt tttt tttt tttttttt tttt tttt ttttttttt tttt tttt tttt tttt
Floor Coveringsttttt tttt tttt tttt ttttttt tttt tttttttt tttt tttt tttt
Decalstttt tttt tttt ttttttt tttt ttttttttt tttt tttt tttt tttt
Décorttttt tttt tttt tttt tttttttt tttt tttt ttttttttt tttt tttt tttt tttt
Rigid Materialsettttt tttt tttt tttt tttte
Canvasttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt tttttsttttt tttt tttt tttt tttt
Pull Upsttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt tttttsttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt
Exhibition Graphicsttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt tttttstttt ttttt ttttt ttttt
Way Signtttt ttttt ttttt tttttttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt ttttttttt ttttt ttttt ttttt



ExcellentVery goodGoodNot recommended

Supporting software

Epson Edge Print Software

Epson's Edge Print software offers enhanced control of print output. Simply install the hardware and RIP software and gain access to features, which include preview, hot holder, copy, trimming, nesting tiling and step and repeat. Edge Print works intuitively with other Epson tools, such as the browser-based Control Dashboard, which allows you to set up customised print settings quickly and easily. Epson’s LFP Accounting Tool also helps you calculate the value of each print, based on ink and paper consumption, allowing you to cost each job accurately.

Epson Cloud Solution PORT

Improve output levels through efficient production planning, increased uptime and enhanced support for a fleet of printers.

Epson solutions voucher program

When you purchase a new SureColor SC-S printer, Epson offers a choice of software solutions, best suited to your needs, as part of the package.

Make a choice of adding Onyx RIP Centre or Caldera Sign RIP Epson Edition.

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