CoverPlus are Epson's extended warranty and service plans offering peace of mind knowing that you are covered for all parts and labour for the life of your CoverPlus contract

Cover that gives you peace of mind

We are committed to offering a fast, reliable service to ensure that your Epson products are back up again and running smoothly as soon as possible.

Priority service visits

Your CoverPlus repair takes priority with us. Our network of authorised service agents will ensure we can respond to your repair promptly and conveniently for you.

Genuine parts and labour

Fitted by Epson trained engineers. All repairs on Epson products use Epson genuine spare parts, made to the same high specification as your product. Epson local and central warehousing also ensures spare parts are readily available, reducing any downtime.

Lifetime support

When you buy an Epson product you get lifetime technical assistance. You can benefit from our comprehensive knowledge base on our support site, or contact us via online chat, email or phone. We are here to provide support and guidance for your current Epson product as well as guide you when choosing and specifying the right Epson product for you.

Find your product

Find your product and see which CoverPlus packs are available.

Standard warranty vs CoverPlus vs Product Life Cycle Extension Programme

Standard Warranty
Product Life Cycle Extension Programme
Number of years covered1-2 years as standardUp to 5 years in totalUp to 8 years in total for qualifying products
Response timeResponse TargetPriority response timePriority response time
Upgrade service standard service typeNoYesYes

Service types we provide

CoverPlus provides a number of service offerings:

How to purchase CoverPlus

Start using your CoverPlus extended warranty in 5 easy steps.

How to purchase the Product Life Cycle Extension Programme

Extend the lifespan of your Epson product by purchasing our new warranty option, providing added protection and security for your investment.

Don't forget to register CoverPlus

Once you’ve purchased your Epson product, you must purchase your CoverPlus pack within 60 days. Once the CoverPlus pack has been purchased, you then have 8 months to register your product online.

Frequently asked questions

When can I purchase a CoverPlus pack?

You can purchase a pack up to 60 days from the installation date of your Epson product.

When does the coverage period of the Epson CoverPlus Service Pack start from?

Packs provide assistance from day 1 of the installation of the product it is registered against. For example a 3 year CoverPlus pack lasts 3 years from the purchase of your product.

Is there a limit on the number of times I can have my product repaired during the coverage period?

There is no limit on the number of times a product can be repaired under Epson CoverPlus. Epson has the right to replace the product with a suitable equivalent in case further repair is not feasible.

How do I know when the coverage on my product is coming to an end?

Go to enter your serial number and it will show your standard warranty and any extended warranty registered against your product.

How do I make a service call?

You can call, email or online chat with your local Epson Support desk. Full list of numbers and contacts are here.