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Whatever your organisation's needs, Epson has the ideal sheetfed scanners to help automate your processes and digitise your documents.


Boost productivity with our range of sheetfed scanners

Epson's sheetfed scanners are fast, reliable and versatile - helping to boost productivity in the workplace. Across Europe, organisations are realising the importance of improving their document management processes. Boost efficiency by scanning, digitising and sharing files quickly and easily.

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The intelligent choice for business document management, offering world-class performance and versatility. With the ability to scan at up to 35ppm/70ipm.

Designed specifically for businesses that handle high volumes of documents, such as legal and accounting firms, the scanners allow you to capture high volumes of documents quickly. An automatic feed mode allows even the largest documents on a variety of media to be scanned easily as one file.


An optional flatbed scanner conversion kit allows even the smallest of media (such as postage stamps) to be scanned safely to ensure document integrity allowing all documents to be scanned in one place.

The conversion kit also allows for the scanning of passports1, books, glossy materials and bound media.


Intelligent features such as the Active Separation Roller System help prevent tedious document double-feeds, ensuring every piece of paper is scanned accurately and captured at the highest quality – thanks to the on-board sensors or manual input of paper lengths.

Double Feed Detection Skip means difficult media – such as envelopes or documents with post-it notes – can be scanned without risk at the touch of a button.


The advanced compact wireless sheet-fed scanner delivers a truly flexible scanning experience so that documents can be captured securely. DS-570W connectivity options include USB 3.0 and 2.0, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet, NFC, TWAIN, ISIS, WIA drivers.


Our compact sheetfed scanners deliver versatility with their ability to scan different sizes and types of media. Create PDFs, collaborate with colleagues or store critical business data. Seamlessly integrate into almost any document management system and workflow process thanks to WIA, TWAIN and ISIS driver support. In addition, name files instantly and deliver them to the right destination automatically with barcode recognition and Zonal OCR functions that help automate large document processes.

Network functionality

"Easily integrate our network-ready models into your systems and workflows, and create dedicated jobs that send jobs straight to the right destination. Epson's Document Capture Pro makes it easy to integrate business scanners into your document management system, speeding up workflow and enabling you to capture, convert and distribute scanned information into your document filing system.

Increases productivity with customisable PushScan functions from the scanner panel such as scan-to Microsoft SharePointTM and cloud services.

Wi-Fi direct functionality

Epson DocumentScan software allows users to take advantage of Wi-Fi Direct to wireless connect to our supported scanners without any existing networks. This is ideal for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environments, and makes it even easier to use cloud services to scan, store and centralise all your important business documents for staff to access wherever they may be, on whatever device they may have. You can also scan directly to an email address or another Epson Connect enabled printer.

Scan documents directly to your Android™ device. You can preview the scanned data and send it to email, directly to other applications or to cloud services like Box®, DropBox®, Evernote®, Google Drive™ and Microsoft® OneDrive.

Epson DocumentScan

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  1. Passports can be scanned using optional flatbed conversion kit.



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