Flexibility and customisation for any solution

Epson Open Platform (EOP) makes our revolutionary multi-function printers (MFPs) fully flexible and customisable, enabling them to adapt to meet specific and changing customer requirements as business goals and enterprise IT systems evolve.

Join the printer revolution

EOP connects you with the benefits of our revolutionary WorkForce Pro range, making your software solutions more attractive to the customer. Our MFPs offer much more for much less than competing devices. Customers can increase productivity with low running costs, high reliability and reduced user intervention.

Access new customers

Reach even more customers by making your solution compatible with our devices. Epson is one of the most popular multi-functional printer brands. Add our customers to your addressable market by making your solutions compatible with Epson Open Platform-compliant devices.

Take full control

Give customers complete control of printing operations and the flexibility to match changing needs with solutions that work across an entire feet of Epson EOP-compatible devices. This includes customisation of the user interface, management and monitoring of workflows and enhanced security.

Key Features

EOP uses standard web services technologies, which means applications can be developed easily, enabling customers to readily integrate the complete range of compatible WorkForce Pro devices into enterprise applications and workfows.

Easy integration into existing workflow and solutions

The software development kit provided will include comprehensive documents and tools that enable you to integrate your solution with compatible models.

Compatible main units

Shaping the future of printing with Heat-Free Technology

Switching from laser to Heat‑Free printers helps you to use less energy and reduce the environmental impact of printing.

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